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Standard Arch 

Our Standard Biosecurity Arch.

  • Contactless swipe sensors, front and rear
  • 30L tank capacity
  • Adjustable electronic mist timer
  • Anti-drip nozzle system
  • Auto pump shut-off to indicate when refill required
  • Delivered ready to plug in and use
  • Purpose made to fit below Australian standard door height
  • Lockable rollaway wheels
  • Slim profile for storage
  • No ramps, yet wide profile fog (greater coverage and accessibility for wheelchairs or hospital beds)
  • Durable finish
  • Owned, designed, made and tested in Australia
  • Product output adjustable, to recommended 250-350 patron capacity per tank

Arch Refill Packs

Depending on chosen settings, just 5L of Hydro-E sanitiser can provide 250- 350 uses in our Standard and Tall Arch models. Hydro-E have also developed several packs to specifically accommodate you. Both our teams can assist you to make informed decisions on product usage and best pre-order times if required.

Packs currently available for delivery in:

  • 5 x 5L
  • 10 x 5L
  • 20 x 5L

 Order through the Hydro-E website by clicking ‘purchase’.

Personal Sanitiser Spray

Purchase packs of 500mL Hydro-E for personal use. Their advanced antibacterial water-based liquid kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria in under 20 seconds using Hypochlorous acid (HOCL). Order through Hydro-E’s website by clicking ‘purchase’ below.

Packs available in:

  • 12 x 500mL
  • 24 x 500mL

On-site Generation

Does your business need to cater for high foot traffic, product disinfection or frequent Biosecurity Arch mist output? Talk to us about on-site generation for an economical long term solution. No more bottle delivery – we can assist you to generate your own product for personal use or fogging purposes in some Biosecurity Arch products.