Is there a showroom for the Biosecurity Arch?

Our office is secure and visitors by advance appointment only (email enquiries@biosecurityarch.com.au to book).

Building 75 ANSTO, New Illawarra Rd, Lucas Heights NSW 2234.

A Standard Model (demonstrator) is also able to be viewed at FreshOn convenience store, 33 Rowe St Eastwood NSW. Please respect official health guidelines currently in place across NSW.

Some well publicised models are at Belmore Medical, 479 Burwood Rd, Belmore NSW. One has been moved to their underground vaccination clinic, another in their drive through testing facility. With current restrictions these are for patients and working staff only. Please wear a mask, social distance and adhere to official health guidelines if you view during the medical centres business hours.

Please be aware this is a working medical facitlity, not an exclusive showroom, and we ask you show respect to clients and patients on site.

Can a Biosecurity Arch address the internal source of a virus?

No. Any person goes through a Biosecurity Arch carrying virual load internally, such as their mouth, nose, and respiratory tract – which is a major source of exposure – will not be addressed.

Do I need to assemble my Biosecurity Arch?

Your Biosecurity Arch will be delivered and assembled on-site for you

Is Biosecurity Arch the best way to sanitise?

Biosecurity Arch is an additional barrier of defence. We understand that staying at home, washing hands, social distancing and wearing a mask are proven ways to protect yourself. Biosecurity Arch is not a replacement for these measures. Biosecurity Arch can bolster your hygiene processes. We reccomend following official health advice.

What does it feel like walking through the Arch?

People have described walking through the Arch like passing through a ‘mini greenhouse’. It is an extremely fine cool fog or mist, that should not leave you wet as you pass through. 

Is Biosecurity Arch compatible with any product?

No. Biosecurity Arch is only compatible with reserve osmosis (filtered) water and HOCl. Always follow the care and warning labels on the unit.

What is the approximate build time on a Biosecurity Arch?

Approximate build time for our Standard & Tall model is currently six to eight weeks plus delivery as order runs are completed. Our next order run is due to commence February 2021 for both the Standard Model and Tall Model. Custom models vary on order size.

How can I order Hydro-E to stock my Biosecurity Arch mist?

Use code BIOSECARC and follow this link to order Hydro-E or restock your unit.

Where is a good location to put a Biosecurity Arch?

The Biosecurity Arch is ideal for indoor, low-to-no wind environments. This ensures the maximum coverage of the fog/mist.

How do I order a Biosecurity Arch product?

Fill out the order form on the home page or email orders@biosecurityarch.com.au

We are currently taking deposits for our second run of Biosecurity Arch Standard and Tall models, due to commence build early 2021.

What product is the Biosecurity Arch designed to use?

The Biosecurity Arch pump has been designed only for reverse osmosis water, or HOCl (in particular, Australian made Hydro-E). Running anything else through the pump can damage it and void any warranty. Learn more about Hydro-E and their multiple international certifications & accreditations, including FDA, TGA & EPA here: www.hydro-e.com.au